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Friday, August 03, 2012

A great Saturday

and loads of smiley faces even though the boxes didn’t arrive in time. I made 12 exact copies of the boxes so that we could make the tiles and for those of you who read the blog, the boxes and feet have now arrived and are ready for collection in the shop.

Here are the three choices everyone had on the day but of course with the option to make up their own design if they wanted to.






CIMG5703 (1)

And thanks to Sally who lent me her camera (I forgot mine), I took some great work in progress photos.


I hope everyone enjoyed the class as much as I did after all the boxes were made.

Wendy has already finished her box and I will be showing pictures of it later this week. To everyone else, after you have collected your boxes and finished them, please e-mail me a few photos for the gallery.

With the end in site, nearly all of the classes are fully booked so thank you for that. We’ll have a great time. And don’t forget to keep checking back for more news of the  “Ladies That Craft” Club. Membership forms are now available in the shop so if you haven’t joined yet come in and pick up a form. xx