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Monday, August 22, 2011

Spotlight on Chris

We see so many lovely layouts from all of you ladies in our classes that we thought it was about time we celebrated and shared some of this beautiful work and give you your own moment in the spotlight.

Today we are looking and admiring some great layouts done by Chris Neal.

Chris has adapted class layouts and made up her own with some great results.


P1110560  P1110561


P1110563  P1110564

The masked title “Summer Rain” makes this layout special.


P1110567  P1110568


P1110571  P1110572

It was a great idea to add the fairies to the paper. They go really well and add to the dream effect.

If you come to class and have some favourite layouts you have made yourself then please bring them in to be photographed. We love looking at your work and sharing it on the blog.