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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The last of the shoes

At last I hear you cry………Yes sorry it had taken so long, no excuses just really busy. Anyway as we only had a few entries and as each of the shoes was so superb we have decided to split the prize and give all entrants a £5 gift voucher. These will be ready for collection after Monday so pop in and pick your up when you are passing.

A special thanks to all those who took part. Here are the last of the shoes.

Shoe Five

bP1090442bP1090443 bP1090444






Shoe Six

or rather a lovely selection of flip flops

bP1090446 Shoe Seven

bP1090448 bP1090451 bP1090452

You can see all of the shoes in the glass case in the shop.

Junes Limited Edition Kit Class Layouts start showing here tomorrow. Don’t miss them.