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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It begins……………….

So lets start this photo fest with a few pictures of our younger scrappers. For those of you who don't know, we hold a kids class once a month where we make either scrapbook pages (normally A4 size) or perhaps a simplified version of one of our fortnightly mini book classes.
We have all been amazed at how talented these kids are and how fast they pick things up. In the April class we had two birthdays so here are a few candid shots.
bIMG_1419 Who is that strange woman in the background? She gets in all the photos:)
It was a great class, everyone worked really well and the cakes were awesome!!!
Next a few of the photos from Aprils Limited Edition class with some of the works in progress.  Even though we make at least 10 examples using the class kits, everyone looks at the papers and manages at least one original layout. Sometimes the papers really talk to some people and they churn out 5 or 6 layouts in a class.
If you live to far away to do these classes at the shop, we do offer a kit only version with a how to magazine included in the price. This is becoming a popular way to take part for those of you who can’t do Saturday classes.
bIMG_1422 bIMG_1429 bIMG_1461
And my candid shot for today is this one.
bIMG_1473 Can you think of a caption to go with this photo. Leave your suggestions as a comment. Have a great day and Karen hurry up and get better.
Off to bed now as I’m doing another 2 classes today. Night, night.