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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 2 and two recent projects

Karen has been going great guns with the In Miniature classes which have become more and more popular, so much so that she is now teaching 2 classes every month.
This project was created by Karen for In Miniature No 19 and is one of my favourites. Unfortunately Karen was to ill to teach the repeat class on Tuesday so I took this photo to cheer her up
IMG_1725 and her is a peek at the book they made.
Don't forget, after the two classes for In Miniature No 20 Karen will only be doing one In Miniature per month PLUS she will also be going back and teaching some of the first In Miniature Classes by popular demand. The first is taking place in June and will be the Carousel Book.
Last week I taught a class called “When we were young”. The idea was to make a book about yourself based on your birth year and years that stand out in your life. Everyone had a good time and we had great fun reminiscing about our childhood and what we remembered Here is a look at the book.
P1090222 No caption picture today but I will have another on tomorrow. Have a good day.