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Sunday, June 07, 2009

What a lovely day

Well despite the dreadful rain storms we had first thing this morning, the sunshine I ordered arrived at 10am just as we were setting out for our very first Treasure Hunt.

Here are a few photos to bring back some memories but I hope to allow all of you who took part, access to all the photos on our new classroom site which will be open for business soon. Please e-mail me on with your e-mail addresses if you were there today and want access to the rest of the photos. It might take a few days but I'll do my best.

All ready for our picnics

Our smallest photographer

Loads of scrummy food

And our winners for the day (and noone was more surprised than they were) were the Reed Family.

Well done everyone and don't forget to e-mail me your most unusual photos so that we can give out that prize too.