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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We've been exploring

because the Tresure Hunt is this Sunday and there is so much to do. I've booked the weather and I've been promised at least 5 hours of sunshine starting at 10am on Sunday and lasting at least long enough for us to have our picnic.

Well we had a really fun day last Friday, just me and Karen in a car, armed with maps, clues a camera, drinks and of course sweeties. I can't give to much away for obvious reasons but let's just say "Yes we did get lost" but that was mainly due to hysterical laughter and Karen dropping the sweets all over the floor.

I let Karen sort out the directions in the end.........

Well we got back safely and are now really looking forward to the Treasure Hunt. Watch out for your starting point which we will post on the Blog, Website and Forum on Friday. Please remember this is a pre-paid event and you can pay for your ticket on-line or in the shop. Can't wait.