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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The last Crop of 2008 is over

and it was a great success except for the heating going off about 2.30pm. For those of you who suffered from the cold this time, I have had a word with the school and they will ensure that the heating is ok for the next crop. Apparently the thermostat was incorrectly set.

The christmas book class was well received and everyone enjoyed themselves. Here are just a few photos of the class in progress.

And one person in particular really enjoyed herself and her newly aquired talent - stamping.

And lastly I have been looking at the photos taken of us on stage at the beginning of the Crop. I never realised just how funny we look. Whatever were we doing here????

A big thank you to mum and Jeannie for working so hard today and also to Sally West, Kim and Sue Upson for helping us pack away. It was much appreciated.

Watch out for pictures of the Crop Class project tomorrow.