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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sedona or Bust

There was one place that everyone said we should visit and that was Sedona. Used as a backdrop in many westerns, we were told it was a fantastic place and not to be missed.

So we decided to miss our morning lay in, get up really early and drive the 176 miles to Sedona. Did we enjoy it???? See what karen has to say.


The cowboy theme has run through most of our holiday including our trip to RAW HIDE and authentic town with a jail (as you saw yesterday), saloon and gunfighters who will shoot at each other for any reason.

And if you were wondering how I got out of jail (I thought I could get away with not showing this but Karen insisted. I wonder why?)

And if anyone knows how to turn the video so that you don't have to lay down to watch it, please let me know.

More later including shopping trip to Scrapbooks Etc