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Monday, September 08, 2008

It's wonderful what people will do

to raise money for a charity and thats part of what Creative Escape is all about. This year we were raising money for Cancer Research and during the course of the 2 days we had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets, the first prize being 2 tickets for a Scrap Cruise which were donated so all of the monies raised went to the charity.

By Saturday night the total raised was $6000 but it didn't stop there. Mr Bazzill (Doug) decided we would have an auction and the prize was to be TIM HOLTZ SHIRT designed as a one off for the event.

The first bid started at $100 but it very quickly went up to $1000 and we thought that was that but the price still kept going up and it eventually sold for $6000. Here is the lucky winner

Everyone was delighted. What a fantastic gesture for a good cause.

We met loads of lovely people during the event including our youngest scrapper Cody who is only a few weeks old and really beautiful.

And some new adult friends who we hope will come and visit us when they next come to the UK.

Oh and I won a prize for the Treasure Hunt. More lovely goodies to add to the growing pile that we some how have to get home.

And finally for now, just to show you that we did actually do some work.

It's 10.20am here now and we are setting off to Scrapbooks Etc, Hobby Lobby (never heard of this one before but assured it is huge) and a few hundred others. YIPEE!!!!!!

More photos later. xx