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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A special man to meet......................

As promised here are the photos of our upgraded car. We have both fallen in love with it but alas it will not fit into that second suitcase.

Take special notice of the extremely blue sky in the background. It is hot, hot, hot and we've had to go out shopping!!!!! for summer clothes. (Oh the hardship).

Our day started with an early text from Michael. Thanks darling you woke us at 4am as we were using Karens mobile as an alarm clock. We ventured into the hotel restaurant for our breakfast of frosties and fresh fruit. Lovely!! Then a brisk walk to CHA.

For our first class which started at 8am with Jodi Stacey from Daisy D.

Can't show you what we made but it will be a class very soon.

We then jumped in the car in search of the elusive Michaels. Unfortunately we travelled many miles in the wrong direction only to stop at a diner to ask the way. The kind lady gave us the directions and we felt that we had to buy something.

These must be the best milkshakes EVER but we must just say that the directions the lady gave us took us in totally the wrong direction, so we stopped at the huge Walmart store to buy teabags and lucky for us they had a scrapbook section. We both felt relieved that we had got our hands on some goodies so with a little smile on our faces we set off home only to see Michaels a block down the road. Of course we had to stop but were limited on time as we had a special man to meet.

Two hours of the most amazing crafting both of us had ever done. The results were fantastic as you can see for yourselves.

We will teach this class soon so watch out for it. It is definately not to be missed and great fun.

We'll leave you tonight with a picture of our hotel. We're off to dinner now and send our love to all our family and friends.

Night night.