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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Move over a bit......

Yes we have arrived with a few hiccups along the way. Arrived at heathrow Airport far too early but used Virgins wonderful check-in machines and managed to get seats together. Fantastic!!.

After a full English breakfast and a little duty free shopping , we were called to our gate only to find that over half of the plane was full of school children on a school trip. Against all odds they were brilliant and we didn't even know they were there.

Karen took a load of photos with her new mini camera and pretty good they are too. See what you think.

After landing at LAX we had the usual queues for entering the USA and searching for our bags which, surprising enough, were not the last ones this time. We were also sniffed by a beautiful little dog looking for fruit and vegetables. Enough said.

We then went to the Avis car rental desk to pick up our car only to find that due to the wrong ticket being issued only Julie will be able to drive this trip. Still never mind. We did get an upgraded car. (Pics tomorrow.) All the way to the hotel karen kept saying "move over a bit". Must admit it did look as if she was in the car next to us on occasions but I'll get the hang of it tomorrow.

Bumped into Stephanie from Create and Craft at the hotel. No doubt we'll bump into a few other people over the next few days.

Finally jumped back inot the car and drove to Dennys for a great beefburger dinner and an enormous cup of tea. You can't beat it after a 11 hour flight.

Well we are both absolutely shattered and off to bed. Love to all of our families and friends.