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Friday, February 15, 2008

A day to ourselves

yes no CHA today so we had a lay in and then set off to find our first scrapbook shop and somewhere to have breakfast.

The first shop on our list was The Scrapbook Depot. The journey was great but we never found it despite directions on the internet. Karen even asked at a Fedex station but noone recognised the name of the road so after an hours drive we gave up and moved onto the next one.

Shop number two was a fantastic shop that we visited last year called Table Scrapz. It took us a while to find it but that may have been because it had been bought out and had changed it's name. Still we found some great products.

Unfortunately the stock levels were extremely low so there wasn't much to buy but we did our best.

Thanks to the lady in the shop who was very helpful and gave us directions to Tall Mouse and Starbucks.

We had a wander round Tall Mouse but didn't buy anything as we were starving hungry and needed refreshment. Luckily for us there was a Kentucky close by so we stopped for something to eat. Yummy.

Tummys full we decided to go and have a look around our third Scrapbook Shop The Red Bee before coming back to the Tall Mouse to finish up. Good job we did because the Red Bee was the bees knees and there was loads and loads of scrummy stash.

After filling the boot of the car we headed back to the hotel but we did make a slight detour to Millies which we thought was a cookie house but had a pleasant surprise.

Very full up we are now back at the hotel scrapping and watching the telly. And why you ask, are there not photos of the other shops and the visit to Millies? Well that is because Julies camera has gone missing!!! and these were taken by karen.

Not a perfect end to the day but it's only a camera. Wouldn't it be nice if someone handed it in. No chance but we can't help wishing.