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Monday, February 26, 2007

So busy......

but still time to make a few bits for the shop.I wanted to do something different with this paper bag ( now available in store)I have discovered glossy accents. I love this stuff and with a few of my beads that I have had for years I have decorated the basic grey paper.I am so pleased with the outcome that I can see beads popping up all over the place from now on. I have been busy creating my project for the crop next saturday but as the papers have not yet arrived I am making everything in white paper. It is taking shape and the idea is that all I have to do is put it all together. I am really pleased with it so far and hope that it looks as good in the papers.
Deliveries have started to arrive and we are expecting so much more this week I can see us uploading goodies every night to the wee hours.....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Madness...................

Isn't it funny. One minute you're sitting twiddling your thumbs (I wish) and the next you are swamped with work. Box after box has slowly been piled up in the store room and I have been forbidden to put it into the shop until it is on the internet. You can't imagine the temptation!!!!!

As usual my table is totally covered in projects either unfinished or ready to start and although it looks bad I really, really know where everything is.

At the moment I am working on the One Moments in Time class for the crop, the next set of classes and the Basic Computing class on Friday. Karen is making Bags and trying to sort out the peel offs and decoupage.

Although I'd desperately like to hide my messy work space, I thought i'd share..........

I am going to Scrap all night tonight.
Have a good one

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day ....Oops a day late

Hope you had a day full of love.......
My children returned home with all the love I need and my wonderful mum brought me flowers as she knows this is a hard day for me. Thanks mum.
I wanted to share a little love with you,these are a few items I have made for the shop hope you like them.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

All Quiet........

The kids are away so this scrapper gets to play.......Oh yes all three children are away so after spending much of the day doing the housework. I am now sat with My TV choice .A bar of chocolate,a bottle of pop and all of my stash out.I am in heaven.But the next thing is what do I do first.....I have so much that I want to do and so much choice I don't know where to begin.I have just made a couple of cards using the new bazzill tags available on our site .Here are a couple of photos .

The rub ons are by creative imagination which are on there way to us from the USA. These are wonderful and easy to use.I am in love with the flower ones.They come in all colours and sizes.I can see me using these on everything.
My chipboard collection is getting bigger by the hour I think I will have to use some of it tonight before it takes over . Hope you have a great evening.

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's so cold..........

I've got the heating full on and I still need a jumper to keep warm.

Karen is at home laying in front of the telly no doubt with a cup of tea and a bag of Maltesers. She's had a long and difficult day at the hospital today with loads of patients so she deserves a rest.

And me.... I've also been working all day but this evening I've been photographing and uploading some of the design Teams goodies onto the Gallery. There's loads more still to do so I've stocked up with galaxy chocolate and I'm in front of the computer for the evening.

My three cats have taken over the living room - how the other half live - and terry is engrossed in "Private Ryan" on the telly.

Well off to take some more photos now. I didn't realise it was so late.

And before I go, heres a taster of the DT goodies I'm uploading.

Night Night

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My head hurts.....

woke this morning with the worse headache ever.After getting the kids off to school I went back to bed and woke up at 1 o'clock minus my bad head I have been told it is because after returning home from the USA I spent the next 2 days clearing up after the kids. I am still finding bottles of beer hidden. You can imagine the state of the house.......NEVER AGAIN will I leave the kids NEVER.
Anyway I have been playing with my new goodies and even took a photo of my stash

This should keep me going.I also spent a little time ordering for the next class ladies you are going to love this. Well I hope you do anyway.
Thats it for now .Need to rest my eyes again and see to Jack he has come down stairs as white as a ghost saying he has a headache and feels sick. The joys of motherhood...

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Just wanted to share a few of our favorite photos. Hope you like them

Feeling the love.....

of all my new chipboard.

This is made out of huge chipboard letters (approx 10 1/2 inches high) and Bo bunny papers for valentines decorations for the shop.Lots more to follow.

Friday, February 02, 2007

" Big Mistake"

To let us go scrapbook shopping. Yes, Terry allowed us 3 hours this morning to hit the shops and boy did we shop!!!

Aisles of papers, stickers, ribbon and of course Karens favorite CHIPBOARD. We have had to go out and buy another suitcase just to get it all home. We have managed to get most of the stuff you asked for but alas no Circut to be found in the shops (Sorry Bev). Sandra, still looking for Advil. We hope to have more success tomorrow.

After filling the boot and the back seat we set off for HOLLYWOOD!! Our first stop was to book a trip on an open topped bus to the Hollywood sign and around Beverley Hills. While we were waiting we walked down the road to the Chinese Theatre and took picture of the signatures in cement. WOW!!!

With our great tour guide we laughed our way up to the Hollywood sign making sure, as we left the bus, that we didn't bump into any snakes or mountain lions (no joke).

The most breath taking part of our holiday yet was the view over the City of Angels. Something none of us will ever forget.

We then were taken around Beverley Hills where we saw the homes of the Stars both old and new. (How the other half live).

The final part of our trip was down Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive BABY!!!!!!

Well folks, it's back to the hotel room now to pack and by the time you go to bed on Friday evening, we will be on our way home. Will try to update you from the airport if we can and photos will be posted on our return.

(Karen still not smoking)


Thursday, February 01, 2007

On top of the world......

Fantastic day today at Universal Studios. Danced with Shrek, met Frankinstein, and laughed with Donkey.

We've been Back to the Future, met Shrek and his friends on their new adventures, got soaked in Waterworld and then dried off in Back Draft. Survived a major earth quake and a close encounter with Jaws.

So much to do in so little time but we managed to cram it all in. Finished the day off by shopping in Universal City Walk (think we need to buy an extra suitcase) Actually we'd better buy 2 as we are hitting some more Scrapbook Shops tomorrow.

Off now to Dennys for an evening meal before having an early night (Can't keep awake).
Day 6 of NO SMOKING for Karen and she's still smiling.(Taken over 1000 photo's between we're not joking with over 400 of those at the show on Monday and Tuesday).

Check back tomorrow. Love to all our family. Missing you all.