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Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's been another busy week

and those boxes keep on coming in. There is loads and loads of new stock waiting to be unpacked and loaded onto the website. The Paper Room was finished at last on Friday and now just needs the finishing touches. All of the beautiful Scrapbook Albums are ready to go on their shelves and the Crop-O-Diles are behind the counter waiting for their new owners to collect them (so if you pre-ordered one it's ready for you to collect).

Karen moved into her new home on Saturday with the help of family and friends, and is now coming to terms with the 30 or so boxes still to be unpacked. I did get a phone call from Karen this morning to confirm that her e-mail and computer are now working and that the craft desk and work area are ready to use. (I couldn't do without all my crafting goodies surrounding me either).

As for me, my usual uploads of photos and project has come to a halt because of my Epson printer. It has decided in it's wisdom, that it needs a service, even though it prints perfect photos and documents. Thus has resulted in it shutting itself down. It won't even read my camera card. Mend it I hear you say but have you ever tried finding the right person to talk to at Epson. They don't appear to respond to e-mails and there are no service numbers in the instruction leaflet so what's a girl to do? PC World today suggested it was probably cheaper to buy a new one BUT I LIKE THE ONE I'VE GOT. Hopefully I will have better luck tomorrow as I have been given a phone number. I hate machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So hopefully things will get back to normal this week. There are loads of classes coming up in November so watch out for them.

The Gallery and the BLOG will be back to daily updates from Wednesday and the Christmas books are going to need re photographing so they will be on the site from the end of next week.

So before I sign off, Good Luck Karen in your new home (please don't move again too soon). More tomorrow.