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Saturday, October 06, 2007

A great success

We opened the classroom and paper room for the first time today. This morning we arrived bright and early to put the finishing touches to the new part of the shop. We knew that most of you were arriving after 10am so we spent an hour looking out of the window hoping that the paper racks would arrive before the customers. Guess what, the customers arrived and so did the TEN paper racks all in huge boxes.

Thank you to everyone who helped get them up and filled. Many hands did make light work and it looked lovely when it was finished.

Karen really went to town with the demos. What was supossed to be 4 half hour demos turned into a whole days play in the classroom but we think everyone enjoyed it.

Another thank you goes to Gayle Bond who excelled herself with a superb selection of new cards. Evereyone thought they were great and over the next few weeks I will be showing them all along with the Design team layouts which are starting to arrive.

DT, if you are reading this, there will be new kits ready as soon as the USA delivery arrives. Hope you're feeling creative.

So now for the photos.Firstly the shop

thats enough now. We don't want to give too much away but you can always pop along and see it for yourselves.

Secondly the demos

Thirdly, at the end of the day we took the balloons and let them go outside the shop with a special wish for the success of our growing business.

And last but by no means least the promised layout from our guest Designer Jennie Boyns. I will upload more detail on the gallery tomorrow.

We hope everyone had a good time today. More design ideas tomorrow.